Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Introduction (Part II)

Hello again! Welcome to my little beauty nook. My name is Cassie and I am a product whore. ☺ I also have a confession: I have terrible skin. Well, it’s more of a unique skin situation; I have dry, sensitive skin and adult acne - bad adult acne. ☹ I also have an unhealthy adoration for makeup and beauty products. Most people will tell you that if you have bad skin, stay away from makeup -or- use it sparingly, or hardly ever, and I agree! ...To an extent. What if you want to wear makeup, or what if you have to? Well, for starters, find the best products for your condition; sensitive products that work well and that do little to aggravate your existing problem.

So what business do I have creating a beauty blog if I have terrible skin? I hope this blog will help people who are like me – people with special skin care needs but love to play around with their look and want to do so with little consequence. I hope to help people choose the best and safest products and still encourage people to have fun with their look.

But this wont be just a makeup and skincare blog. Hair, nails and body products will be covered too. I want to leave nothing out. Why? Because I love it all! Need help finding the best products or solutions for damaged hair? Well, I’ve got experience in that. Need a moisture rich body cream for the cold winter weather? I’m your girl! Got a beauty emergency that needs a quick fix? A pimple that’s reared it little head 2 days before your job interview or big date? I’ve got a few ideas you could try. I hope you’ll hang out with me so we can figure out some things together. And if you have anything you’d like to ask, don’t hesitate to ask me at beautyally (at) gmail (dot) com.

-Your favorite product whore ☺

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