Monday, March 29, 2010

Beauty Icons: Bianca Jagger

With her big brown eyes, her unbelievably plucked eyebrows and her incredible sense of style, Bianca Jagger is probably my #1 beauty and style icon.

When I'm unsure of how to dress or what kind of makeup to do for an evening out, I will scroll through the pictures in my iPhoto and ask, What would Bianca do? 

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Favorite Looks: The 'Slept-In' Look

[Angelina Jolie with baby Knox]

Can we talk about favorite looks?

There is no look I love more than the I just rolled out of bed™ look. It’s little laissez-faire, it’s a little sultry and its a little punk fucking rock!

I’ve always found this unkept look to be sexy. I love that its the complete opposite of the No hair out of place
look. And whats hotter than a care-free girl who’s look says, ''I’m so busy I just had to throw on these clothes I found on the floor and my hair and makeup? Eh, fuck it''. 


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Inspiration: Purple

There are few things on the planet that I love more than purple. Even as a wee child, I can remember demanding my mom to buy me the purple (insert item here). No matter what it was, if it was purple, I liked it and I had to have it.

So it should be no surprise that I buy purple makeup. Lots of it.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Tutorial: The Kate Moss Look

Many moons ago I stumbled upon this site and was really intrigued by what I saw. I love when makeup artists in the biz take the time out to do video tutorials because, well, I'm a very visual person and I learn by seeing (you can also download the sketch and color swatch which I love). The thing I really liked about this video was... everything! The gunmetal eyeshadow color, the dewy skin and big lashes... reminds me of getting dressed up to go clubbing out in the city. And I'll do anything to look a little closer like Kate Moss, amirite? 

ReLOOK TV: The Kate Moss Look (4)

[end of post]

The First Time: Buying Foundation

One of the things I really wanted to tackle was how to pick out the right makeup colors for your skin tone and choosing the right foundation colors. I remember always being fascinated with makeup as a kid, but as a young teen the thought of how to pick the right shade for your skin and then what to do with it was overwhelming. It was at this age that I made a major makeup faux pas: wearing the wrong shade of foundation. I wish that when I was younger I had youtube tutorials and instructional blogs to turn to about how to buy and apply makeup. I’m sure I would have avoided many makeup blunders, like wearing a dark brown powder foundation with red undertones while I was a medium tan with yellow undertones or the dreaded makeup line. And don’t get me started on over-plucked eyebrows...

So let’s get started!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Product Review: Nail Polish

I apologize in advance for the crappy Photobooth photos - I cleaned my room and lost my camera! (I hate how I always misplace things after I clean...)

[Milani Nail Art:  #709 / Green Sketch]

While trying to get in the Saint Patrick's Day spirit, I thought I'd buy some green nail polish! I've never been a big nail polish person... until recently. I don't know what got into me, but one day, all of a sudden, BAM! All I wanted was a rainbow assortment of nail polishes at my disposal.

So I went shopping.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Makeup Bag Edition

While going through my handbag today, I thought to myself, Holy hell, my makeup bag is in serious need of a makeover! –Or rather, a make-under! I have no concept of less is more and my makeup bag is proof of that – it’s practically a mini pharmacy! It’s massive, heavy and completely illogical (more than half the weight of my handbag is due to my makeup case)! I have to squeeze my hand in it in order to get to anything and contains waaay too many items! So while I have some time on my hands, I figured I’d try to shrink that sucker and make it more handbag friendly.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

SPF (Part I)

I was hoping to get this post about SPF out sooner, but the truth is, doing a lot of research on the topic has made it difficult and time consuming for me to review, but here it is!

I love any product with SPF, but the truth is, shopping for sun block can be daunting, and believe me, I know. Have you been down the sun block aisle? SPF 50, 70, 90+, Ultra Defense, Sensitive Skin, Ultra Sheer Finish, Oil-Free… it’s enough to make anyone give up! I try to always buy products that have a high SPF and I try to avoid the sun, which is not easy living in South Florida. The higher the SPF, the more likely it is that I'll buy the product. I stock up on that stuff the way that most beauty addicts always leave the beauty aisle with a lip-gloss or eyeliner pencil. I'm always looking for the perfect sunscreen, but I have yet to find my favorite kind.

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