Monday, March 29, 2010

Beauty Icons: Bianca Jagger

With her big brown eyes, her unbelievably plucked eyebrows and her incredible sense of style, Bianca Jagger is probably my #1 beauty and style icon.

When I'm unsure of how to dress or what kind of makeup to do for an evening out, I will scroll through the pictures in my iPhoto and ask, What would Bianca do? 

She is my ultimate Latina. Growing up with a sea of blond-hair'd blue-eyed beauties on TV and in magazines I would find it difficult to find women with looks that I could aspire to.

I can't remember the first time I saw Bianca Jagger in photos, but when I did, I was immediately enamored. It was the wedding photo of her without an undershirt, no bra -  just a white jacket on top. I'm still waiting for the opportunity to rock this look.

Who wouldn't want to look like this!
Her face was made to be photographed.

I know what my next Halloween costume is going to look like. Now if I could only get a white horse to make my grand entrance on.  [NSFW]

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  1. Bianca Jagger is the definition of the word 'babe'.


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