Thursday, March 25, 2010

Favorite Looks: The 'Slept-In' Look

[Angelina Jolie with baby Knox]

Can we talk about favorite looks?

There is no look I love more than the I just rolled out of bed™ look. It’s little laissez-faire, it’s a little sultry and its a little punk fucking rock!

I’ve always found this unkept look to be sexy. I love that its the complete opposite of the No hair out of place
look. And whats hotter than a care-free girl who’s look says, ''I’m so busy I just had to throw on these clothes I found on the floor and my hair and makeup? Eh, fuck it''. 


It looks like it would be pretty easy to achieve this look, right? The steps are probably along the lines of something like this:

- Wake up
- Splash cold water on face
- Rub sleep out of eyes
- Motorboat hands through hair
- Go

And I'm sure for most people (especially if they're young) it is! But not for me.

I spend time on this look. 

I use what's left of my ultra light MAC Select Tint Moisturizer, I use a light lip stain, add a little sheen to my cheeks, and smudge the hell out of my eyeballs with my favorite matte mocha brown eye shadow (or a charcoal-colored eyeliner pencil).

After all, as I tell my boyfriend, it takes a lot of time to look this unkempt! Haha.

[L2R: Brody Dalle; Amanda Palmer and co.]

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Found courtesy of TinEye

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