Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Product Review: Nail Polish

I apologize in advance for the crappy Photobooth photos - I cleaned my room and lost my camera! (I hate how I always misplace things after I clean...)

[Milani Nail Art:  #709 / Green Sketch]

While trying to get in the Saint Patrick's Day spirit, I thought I'd buy some green nail polish! I've never been a big nail polish person... until recently. I don't know what got into me, but one day, all of a sudden, BAM! All I wanted was a rainbow assortment of nail polishes at my disposal.

So I went shopping.

I bought 2 green nail polishes in one outing and while at first I didn't like this color (#709), it has started to grow on me in a big way. The only thing I don't like is the application brush. It's very thin and makes applying a long, tedious process since you have to use a million strokes to cover your whole entire nail. Also application is uneven so you have to clean up after yourself after it settles. A bit annoying to say the least, but its a cute color! See what I mean?

[Milani Nail Art annoying application brush]

 [Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in #10 / Emerald City]

My first love was this color: Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails in #10 / Emerald City, as seen on my toes (oh yes dear, interwebz, I went there and showed my tootsies and my awesome orange pajamas). It's still my first choice favorite green. Nothing annoying about that...



  1. Sorry the brush for the first is a bit lame, but that second colour is gorgeous!

  2. Hi, the milani polish is for nail art, the brush is designed to be thin and narrow so that you can draw/make designs on your nails. Your blog is awesome, btw :)
    I came across it while looking for pics of OPI by Sephora nail polish in Hi Def.


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