Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spring Cleaning: Makeup Bag Edition

While going through my handbag today, I thought to myself, Holy hell, my makeup bag is in serious need of a makeover! –Or rather, a make-under! I have no concept of less is more and my makeup bag is proof of that – it’s practically a mini pharmacy! It’s massive, heavy and completely illogical (more than half the weight of my handbag is due to my makeup case)! I have to squeeze my hand in it in order to get to anything and contains waaay too many items! So while I have some time on my hands, I figured I’d try to shrink that sucker and make it more handbag friendly.

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a chronic over-packer. Knowing this, its no surprise that makeup bag looks like this. Actually (if you can believe it), this bag, in its current state, is the condensed version of an even larger makeup bag! So in another attempt to lighten my load, I bring you, my mammoth-like makeup bag…

the Mammoth in its current state

Step 1: unzip bag
Step 2: turn upside down
Step 3: shake vigorously

the contents

Let’s take inventory, shall we?

Moisturizers: 1
Makeup Primers: 3
Liquid Foundations: 3
Concealers: 2
Pressed Powders: 1
Makeup Brushes: 16
Makeup Sponges: 3
Blush / Cheek Colors: 4
Eyebrow Pencils: 3
Eyeliner (Pencils): 8
Eyeliner (Gel): 1
Eye shadows: 8
Mascaras: 3
Lip Sticks: 3
Lip Gloss: 7
Lip Stains: 1
Lip Pencils: 3
Makeup Quads: 2
Blotting Papers: 1
Pencil Sharpeners: 1
Toothbrush: 1

Am I missing anything?

Clearly, this is all necessary. So now I leave you. On my way to clearing out my makeup case and choosing the winners and the losers. It’s going to be a painstaking process. (I get very attached.)

But before I go, I ask…
What’s in your makeup bag?

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