Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Product Review: Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream

I don't know about you but this winter is doing a number on my skin. Now, technically, I have no right complaining about winter skin [I live in South Florida] but even in my part of the country we've been hit with an unusually cold winter - some nights in the low 30's! Personally, I love it; It's a nice break from the constant heat and humidity, but the colder weather has been bringing new beauty issues to figure out: Dry skin around my eyes.

Now, I have dry skin to begin with, and since I've only been suffering from dry skin since the beginning of this winter I've never had to deal with the discomfort since now. It feels like what I'd imagine crying for several hours feels like, plus you get red, irritated, crusty eyes… OK maybe crusty isn't the right word, but you get where I'm headed.

So I moseyed around online and found this: Boot's Expert Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream, which is essentially exactly what I wanted! No anti-aging-this, or wrinkle-free-that, just a simple hydrating cream, but most importantly, for sensitive skin. I've used eye creams in the past and they can be so heavy that when they move (and there's a good chance they will), they sting. And it hurts. …Then I practically have to wear an eye patch just to keep myself from rubbing it and further irritating my eye. It's a big 'ole cycle that's hard to break. But this cream is perfect! It's not heavy, but its thick enough to hydrate and get the job done. It's got a nice pen-tip applicator that makes applying it easy and it doesn't run! There's no odor (fragrance-free woo!) and if I happen to rub my eyes during the day, it won't travel into my eye. And its so light that if it might happen, (which it might have, I don't know…) it doesn't sting!

The only complaint I have is that I find that I do have to re-apply it later on in the day. It's not necessarily a product complaint - after all, I have really dry eyes so I'm still trying to figure out if this is a me thing or a product thing, but chances are if you live in an area where you might live through another Snowpocalypse, you might have to reapply it after lunch. But it comes in a perfect size for traveling so you can shove it in your bag and you'll be all set!

Size: 20 ml / 0.67 US fl. oz.

Price: $6.99
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